Matheson Signs Agreement with Cathay Pacific Airways for Import/Export Air Cargo Services Between Portland and Asian Markets

SACRAMENTO, Nov. 10, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Matheson Flight Extenders, Inc., a subsidiary of Matheson Trucking, Inc., signed a freight consolidation agent agreement with Cathay Pacific Airways in October to provide import/export air cargo services at the Portland International Airport for goods transported to and from Oregon and Asian markets.

Josh Matheson, Vice President of Operations (left) and Charles Mellor, Chief Operating Officer for Matheson Trucking, Inc., with Oregon Governor Kate Brown at the launch of air cargo service between Portland and Asian markets on November 4, 2016.  Matheson Flight Extenders is handling import/export freight consolidation services for Cathay Pacific Airways at its facility at the Portland International Airport.

Matheson Flight Extenders, Inc. currently provides airport terminal handling services for U.S. mail in Portland. The company added eight employees to support twice-weekly arrivals and departures of Cathay Pacific’s 747-8F jumbo jet service officially launched November 4. These flights travel between Portland and Hong Kong via Los Angeles and Anchorage.

“This is an exciting opportunity for Matheson to once again expand into the international freight arena,” said Charles Mellor, Chief Operating Officer for Matheson. “We handled similar services for Asiana Airlines and are proud to be a key facilitator in the partnership between the Port of Portland and Cathay Pacific. Providing consolidation for import/export goods benefits the economy of Portland and businesses in the region.”

Mellor said Cathay contacted Matheson about providing consolidation services. “We quickly presented a bid and began negotiations. The referral was a result of our previous partnership with Asiana. We have the ramp space to park a 747 close to our hanger, making it more convenient to load and unload the aircraft.”

Several regional manufacturers, such as Nike, Columbia Sportswear and Intel, are interested in this direct air cargo service. Product categories that could be transported from Portland to Hong Kong include semi-finished footwear and apparel, electronics and perishable goods like blueberries, cherries, Dungeness crab and oysters.

Cathay Pacific expects to carry 40 to 60 tons of cargo from Portland every month, even more as demand rises. This new service saves weeks of shipping time compared with marine transport. Port officials said East Asia markets account for over half of Oregon’s air exports, valued at $4.3 billion, currently being shipped through other airports.

Matheson Flight Extenders, Inc. and Matheson Postal Services, Inc. are business units of Sacramento-based Matheson Trucking, Inc. In recent years, Matheson’s area of operation has expanded from the Western United States to border-to-border and coast-to-coast. The company provides dedicated local, intermediate, and long haul transportation services over the road, and also has operations at 27 airports across the country throughout the year for the United States Postal Service (USPS).