Matheson Flight Extenders To Co-Locate Cincinnati Regional Operations Within USPS Space at the CVG International Airport

CINCINNATI, Ohio (March 17, 2014) – Matheson Flight Extenders has announced plans to co-locate its priority mail  terminal handling operations at the United States Postal Service (USPS) center at 76 Clay Drive in Hebron, Kentucky. This USPS building is on the Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) and 15 miles from downtown Cincinnati. The exact date for the move has yet to be determined, but Matheson said it would most likely occur early in the second quarter and will involve all 23 employees at the company’s present location.

Matheson is currently located at 3340 Logan Road in Florence, Kentucky, an 8,500 square foot facility that has served as the company’s regional hub for the past four years. The UPSP location will give Matheson 10,000 square feet of space to expand its cargo acceptance and truck loading services for Priority Mail to FedEx aircraft at the airport. The new site is on the north ramp and only six minutes from the main terminal and will cut five minutes off the drive time from Matheson’s former site.

“In the shipping business, time is money,” said Glen Gates, president of Matheson Flight Extenders.  “Our ability to share a building with USPS is a win-win for both of us saving time in the loading and unloading of mail and by helping both of us maximize efficiencies when it comes to sorting, build up/break bulk activities and maintaining on-time performance.” Read More…


Matheson Offers Perspectives on Emerging Trends

Dynamic Routing, Zone Jumping, Commercial Pick & Pack, Dedicated Drop Units, Paperless Operations, and New Federal Fuel Regulations for Trucks

NATIONAL HARBOR, Maryland (March 16, 2014) – The Matheson Flight Extenders management team analyzes current issues and new developments to determine their impact and potential benefit for the transport industry and the U.S. Postal System. Here are some company perspectives on emerging trends.

“There are several innovative methodologies on the horizon, or currently in development, that have real potential for improving operational efficiency,” said Glen Gates, President of Matheson Flight Extenders.  “Our mission and responsibility is to carefully examine new ideas. We owe it to ourselves and our customers to see if these methods will truly lead to better outcomes for all concerned.”

For example, dynamic routing is being considered as a future model for the U.S. Postal Service and its suppliers as a way to save time and money. Now, before a vehicle leaves its starting point, an initial route plan is established between predetermined sites. Instead of fixed, scheduled routes, dynamic routing can assist a carrier in combining loads along the way so that the truck may add or delete scheduled stops depending on demand, if new requests appear, the initial route is adjusted to fulfill them. Read More…


Matheson Sets Five-Year Growth Plan To Expand Utilization Capacity 60 Percent

Matheson Sets Five-Year Growth Plan
To Expand Utilization Capacity 60 Percent

Interim Goal Includes Hiring Over 300
Holiday Workers With Emphasis on Veterans

MIAMI, Florida (November 6, 2013) – Matheson Flight Extenders Division President Glen Gates announced today at the Air Cargo America Conference that the company has established a five-year strategic plan beginning in 2014 designed to grow and diversify the business by more than 60 percent through 2019. The company plan includes acquiring new commercial customers in areas served by its 16-city network of air cargo terminals in the U.S. as well as by expanding existing relationships.

“We have the infrastructure in place today to ramp up operations around the clock at all of our locations, enabling us to potentially triple our current package handling volume and keep pace with expected future demand as business activity continues to increase in a post-recessionary market,” Mr. Gates said. “Last year we processed over 600 million pounds of high priority shipments, and we are already seeing an early and steady rise in package traffic this fall.”

To cope with this annual holiday spike, Matheson will hire more than 300 part-time workers during November and December as Priority Mail and commercial package volumes grow through the Christmas shopping season.  At the same time, the company is placing a priority on hiring returning veterans to honor their service and give them a head start back into the workforce.

According to Mr. Gates, “Customer confidence is returning to the market after an extended period of near stagnation. Domestic manufacturing is up, and international shipments have increased.  These and other noteworthy factors are a cause for optimism.”

For example, on July 30, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) released June figures showing a 1.2% year-on-year expansion in global air-freight demand. Although weak, IATA said this is an improvement when compared to the 0.9% year-on-year demand growth recorded in May and the 0.1% growth realized over the first half of the year.

“Given these positive signs down the road, if a commercial firm wants to catch the next wave of industry and economic expansion, now is the time to establish a relationship with a reliable freight forwarding company with a track record of on-time performance and the capacity to handle both small or large shipping needs.” Read More…


March 26, 2013

GlenGatesSmall[1]Today, Mark Matheson, CEO, announced the addition of Glen Gates as Division President with Matheson’s Flight Extenders Division. Gates has over 30 years of experience primarily related to air cargo and airline operations.   He brings a variety of skills to Matheson including familiarity with international and domestic freight forwarding; passenger and cargo charter in domestic, international and military environments; fleet planning; ramp and terminal operations; and trans-border services for large aircraft. In addition, Gates spent 2 years with the United States Postal Service (USPS) in Washington DC where he designed the e-commerce system/digital communications/ performance measurement and financial control applications. He also developed the strategic business plans and corporate aircraft operations objectives for shared and peak season air networks.

Mr. Matheson stated that the addition of Gates is intended to fortify the entire Matheson senior management team. Gates will oversee the growth and diversification of all businesses under the Flight Extenders’ umbrella. In addition to existing Terminal Handling contracts, this includes expanding USPS consolidation/deconsolidation contracts, identifying opportunities to provide airline ground handling services, building relationships with air carriers in an effort to develop additional revenue opportunities and other ventures that are consistent with Matheson’s long-term strategy.